The Story Of SMOKE & BBQ

Welcome to SMOKE & BBQ New Zealand, where we supply you with top quality sustainable smoking woods and BBQ products for your BBQ. We offer a muster of tips, tricks, advice and knowledge to coach you through your first smoked piece of meat.
Our story begins deep in the heart of Africa, where cooking and preparing food over the open fire is a way of life, a culture, a lifestyle, and most importantly, it is about family and friends coming together. Our weekends usually consist of one thing: the aroma of grilling meats wafting from backyards across the country while friends and families gather around the fire and enjoy the relaxed ambience. As time went on, we began to improve and explore other avenues to prepare and cook food. Experimenting with many flavours, recipes and techniques from various travels around the world. Our passion for cooking food over the open fire shifted to smoking meat not so long ago! This cooking method is vastly becoming a much-loved way of preparing food for our guests and family. Nothing beats that “low n slow” method of cooking.
It was then we realized we wanted to expand on this passion and hobby of ours by turning it into a local business – If our woods can flavour our meat, it can flavour yours too. At Smoke & BBQ, we are here to provide an overall experience promptly but ultimately to provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need to make the most out of your BBQ Smoking pleasure. We have always believed in the importance of supporting local and have a large selection of locally sourced, high-quality woods that will enhance your BBQ culture and flavour. Nothing beats that feeling of cooking over the open fire! The only thing a BBQ requires is that you light it up every once and a while. Come rain or shine, we smoke!
So come and experience the culture yourself, on behalf of Smoke & BBQ – Welcome to the next chapter in your BBQ adventure.

Thank you for your continued support
The Team – S&BBQ
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