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Pohutukawa Smoking Wood

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Pohutukawa BBQ smoking wood is a premium smoking wood that imparts a delicious, smoky flavor to your grilled and smoked meats. Harvested from the iconic New Zealand Pohutukawa tree, this wood is known for its dense, hardwood composition and natural resistance to rot and decay.

Pohutukawa wood is perfect for use in smokers and charcoal grills, adding a unique flavor profile that complements a wide range of meats, including beef, pork, chicken, and fish. With its bold, complex flavor and long-burning properties, Pohutukawa BBQ smoking wood is the perfect choice for BBQ enthusiasts and professional chefs alike.

Our chunks come in 7.5L (3kg±) bags
Our splits come in 38L (15kg±) bags

Best suited with

Game, Pork, Poultry, Seafood, Beef

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Customer Reviews

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Rick Horton
Aged Whiskey

Not your usual use for wood from a bbq wood smoke supplier, but I used the pohutukawa to age a batch of home distilled whiskey and gin. Wood was perfectly dry, packaging was on point, and loved the same day free delivery to the Gulf Harbour area.

Hi Rick, loving your ingenuity!
It's fantastic to see our wood put to such creative use, rather than just being used for smoking on the BBQ. We hope you enjoy the whiskey, and the wood.


Jonny Kemp
Great service, Better wood

First time I’ve ordered from Smoke and BBQ and I’ll definitely be using you from now on. Order was processed and delivered to Tauranga within a couple of days. I got the splits for my offset reverse flow I’ve cooked a couple briskets and some fish. My temp control and burn time has improved significantly. Keep up the good work and great products.

Also good to be supporting a business from my old neighbourhood .

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